Simpsons Pornography Story: Bart & Lisa Teen Paramours Part Three

Simpsons Pornography Story: Bart & Lisa Teen Paramours Part Three

Everything had worked out perfect for the Simpson siblings. Bart and Lisa had had the best fuck of their life, experimenting more than ever before, falling asleep together naked. The luck streak continued as they woke up surprisingly early, just before dawn, plenty of time to get cleaned up and avoid suspicion.

Lisa woke up first, at once smelling her brother’s dried cum all over her upper body. She smiled as she saw his hands cupped over her breasts, clinging to them gently. She couldn’t believe how wonderful that orgasm felt; almost like a dream. She then thought of the incest, and the naughtiness of it all. Simply amazing.

“Bart…wake up.”  “ngh…” Bart just reaffirmed his grip on Lisa’s cute breasts, cozying up to her some more. “Hehe…come on big brother.” She playfully ruffled his hair, and he finally opened his eyes. “It can’t be past seven…let’s go back to sleep…” Bart was completely out of energy.

“Come on! This’ll give us plenty of time to get cleaned up!” Bart rose to his knees and gazed at his little sister’s nude chest, and her still seductive, dirty, cum stained face. “Or….we could do a quickie..?” He raised his eyebrows, and Lisa licked her lips unconsciously. “Suck me off, it‘ll wake me up.”

Lisa loved it; she wanted to prove to her brother she’d do anything for him, anytime, anywhere. She obediently lowered her lips to Bart’s rapidly hardening cock. She licked all around the tip as she grasped it with her left hand, feeling that familiar taste on her taste buds. “Start slow…” She grinned as she slowly slid her mouth up and down on his dick, moaning when she could catch a breath. She continued for several minutes before her brother gave her another order. “Thanks Lis just take a break, and give me your tits.” She inched closer on her knees, and Bart leaned down to suck her breasts.

“Oh…oh Bart…Mmm…yeah…” She watched his head move from left to right, his tongue giving each of her mounds and nipples the same amount of attention, sucking on those perky buds. “O.K.! Keep going, faster this time.” She obeyed, quickening her pace and sliding more and more of his cock into her horny mouth.

“Ungh…yeah.that’s it Lis…now…ah…play with yourself… ” Lisa was loving this; Bart was never usually this controlling, but this was a welcome change. She reacted to his order, sliding her hands around her aroused mounds, dipping one down to finger her little snatch.

“Ah..!! Mmm!!…” She was moaning in a blissful harmony again in between sucking her brother‘s dick. Bart looked at his sister playing with her developing body, and after just a few minutes of Lisa’s blowjob, he couldn’t contain himself. He gently stiffened Lisa’s head and pulled his cock out, and just as Lisa opened her mouth to protest, he shot a fast stream of cum into it. Her angry eyes turned grateful, before closing to absorb the taste she’d now labeled as her favorite. Not quite as plentiful as the built-up load from last night, but Bart fired as much sperm as he could into his sister’s mouth, looking on satisfied as his cum pooled on her tongue, some dripping onto her beautiful body once again, adding another layer of semen to her sex-exploited body.

The two teens breathed heavily as Lisa looked incredulously at her brother, delighted with his new approach to their blossoming sex life. “Bart…will you do that next time too? …I love being your slut…” Those words were so wrong, but to Lisa, they felt so right. Probably because her hormones had developed a language all their own. “Heh, sure Lis…I love what you do…” They came together in a light French kiss.

Bart’s mind was already developing another hot scenario that would put him and his sister alone, free to have some sweet incestuous sex for as long as they wanted. “You know Lis…I’ve been thinking for another thing we could do.” He savored a longing last glance at her perky nipples before she snapped on a bra and the white t-shirt that she’d stripped off the night before. “Really….if it’s even half as good as this one, I’ll probably be inclined to go with it!” She winked at him, turning to give her brother a look at her tight ass as she pulled up her shorts.

“K well, it’s going to be kind of dangerous, but…you know I’m usually the only one that gets detention anymore, right?” “Ha-has yeah…the staff has lost any attempt at blaming anything on anyone else, it’s just a bi-daily thing to them now.” Lisa didn’t quite get where Bart was going with this…but the ‘dangerous’ part was a definite turn on. “I write my lines on the chalkboard lock the door, leave a window open, you come for a visit…” He scanned his sister’s curvaceous body and smiled defiantly at her. “Wow… you want to do it right in the school? In your classroom?” Lisa was surprised; even for Bart, this was risky.

“Don’t you want to get fucked while lying on my desk…?” Lisa pictured it. She saw her face smiling as she clutched the sides of Bart’s desk, getting pounded hard by her brother’s relentless cock. Her fingers moved automatically to her light haired pussy underneath her shorts, as she let Bart watch her finger herself for a bit while she imagined it. “..I take that as a yes?  Lisa stuck her tongue out at her brother, which was still coated with a bit of cum, then nodded enthusiastically.

“Let’s do it! Oh God. This is going to be so hot.”  “Definitely…but let’s clean up and stuff, we won’t have to worry about any suspicion.”  “He he. My brother’s all smart and in control when it comes to sex isn’t he?”  “Would you rather I switch talents?” She slurped some excess sperm from Bart’s cock’s tip. “Don’t you fucking dare big brother?”

It had been far too long since a good old fashioned prank had landed Bart in detention. He was afraid he’d lost his touch, he simply couldn’t think of anything he hadn’t tried before. He wanted to make the prank as memorable as the blissful sin he’d commit with his sister after school. Class after class went by, with Bart unusually silent through most of the day.

“Urgh! What’s wrong with me? I’m too young and stupid to become mature now!” Luckily, his old nemesis Principal Skinner once again acted as a catalyst. “Hmph! Edna’s not satisfied with my bedroom actions is she? What does she know…back in ‘Nam there was only one position! Prone! What more does she want?”

It was perfect. Skinner was in that zone of agitation, and Bart knew how to play on this. He just needed to remind Skinner how much cooler with the opposite sex he was compared to the old army general. He randomly picked out a hot girl, luckily finding Allison Taylor just as the dismissal bell rang. He knew she had a thing for him, and he would use any advantage he could find right now…

“Allison! You are looking fab-u-lous!” Bart leaned against the wall as she came out of the Grade 7 classroom door. She blushed immediately. Bart saw Skinner trying to look nonchalant as he inched closer to the hot brunette. “Bart! Um.T-thanks! Do you need anything?” She fluttered her eyelashes. Bart smiled. So innocent. Time to end the attraction while giving himself a few hours detention?

Nope. You’re what I was looking for! ;)” She giggled in response, brushing up against Bart’s body. Making sure Skinner was looking, he laced his arm around Allison’s back, and slowly lowered it down, grazing her ass as they started to walk towards the exit, in front of Skinner. *Gasp! What the–!! Who in their right mind would touch a girl’s buttock? That’s not even a primary sex zone! Is it..? Durgghh.SIMPSON!!!”

Bart almost didn’t react, as he was becoming uncomfortable with Allison’s not-freaking-out-at-being-touched…he just wanted to get a nice feel in, watch her bolt off, and get ready for detention. Instead, she did nothing to take his hand off her ass, her eyes closed in pleasure, cozying up to his built frame. “SIMPSON!! Detention! Now!” Bart finally snapped into form. Time to sell it.
“But…but I–!” He feigned resistance. “There’ll be no sexual experiments on my watch! Go!”

Bart solemnly walked into the familiar room, his confusion helping his silent anger act. Instead of acting mad, he was genuinely dumbfounded with Allison’s reaction…he gripped that nice tight ass and she had let him at it. Wow. He could’ve taken her right there if no one else had been there, and she probably wouldn’t have done anything but scream in pleasure and gulp some hot cum…
His dick grew instantly as he began writing on the chalkboard for the thousandth time, watching Skinner and the last kids leave the building, enjoying the longest possible time before more school, with only groundskeeper Willie left behind to lock everything up later on. He couldn’t help it; he pictured himself fucking Lisa and Allison alternately in a hot, sweaty threesome, both of the girls submitting to him, with no moral objections or hesitations.

He mentally slapped himself, then perked up a bit realizing he always had his loving sister to play with…speaking of which… Lisa stepped into the room half an hour later, slammed the door behind her, locked it, and scowled at her big brother. “Hey, Lis!” Bart instantly set the chalk aside and smiled genuinely at his sister/sex partner, hoping to get this off to an awesome start. It wasn’t happening. She was mad…god knows what for, but definitely mad. Her arms crossed her chest, not even allowing Bart to drool at her ample mounds, and her eyes burned with outrage usually reserved for her moral or environmental tirades. “…what’s wrong?” Bart leaned in to hug his sister, who quickly shoved him aside.

“What the hell do you think? Did you think I wouldn’t notice?”  “What are you–” “Allison! You…you like her don’t you? Wanted to get her in here with you instead of me!!” Bart wanted his sister to be screaming, but not in anger.  “What?? Lis, I thought she’d freak out and tell Skinner bout it! It was supposed to be a guaranteed trip to the ol’ detention room! Even my pranks aren‘t foolproof!” “Fuck that, she liked it, I saw it; she just melted into you.” Her eyes showed a tear formed from what she thought was betrayal…or jealousy…“She’s a goody goody! I figured she’d have hated it!” Bart tried again.

“Yeah, whatever….” She turned her back on him. A long pause ensued, something that hadn’t happened with any regularity since the siblings had started their steamy, naughty relationship. Bart slowly walked behind his sister, and before she could pull away again, wrapped his strong fingers around her waist. “Don’t touch me..!” She reached to pry her brother’s hands off of her, but he managed to intertwine their fingers instead. He lowered his head and softly spoke to his angry sister.

“I’m sorry Lis…” He stroked her fingers with his own. She was still enraged, but stopped struggling. “Fuck you…go fuck Allison…” She was weakening; her breath quickened, her skin heated.  “She was just a chick to get me here with you…I‘d go to extremes to be able to have sex with you here sis…” Bart put his hands back on Lisa’s waist, slowly wrapping around her tummy, tickling her a bit.

“Bart. Don’t try to…” “..Forgive me?” He leaned in, nibbling on her neck lightly, trying to stimulate the spots that he knew she was vulnerable to… his hands went upwards, and found Lisa’s beautiful breasts. He rubbed up and down her tight shirt front, scanning her chest, down to her stomach, back up again, stimulating her over and over… “…..” She was silent, feeling those motions paralyzed her. The rage began to subside as more pleasure filled emotions surfaced. “Do you like that, little sister..?” A sloppy kiss on the cheek.

“Ah…..” She sighed softly, helping her brother play with her tits from the outside, molding one and then the other. “Touch me….play with those tits…Oh Bart…Bart…” “Mmm…“*smack. Slurp* They French kissed without any boundaries, saliva spilling from their mouths. She started grinding, absolutely out of control, forcing his hardening dick onto the outside of her ass, dry fucking. The 13 year old blonde was in her slut mode once again, ready to be taken… Bart tightened his grip and led her by the tits to the blinds on the west wall of the room, hastily pulling them down on each side, forgetting however to turn them shut completely…

Bart threw his sister’s shirt off, and then let Lisa do the same to him. Lisa attacked her brother in a sexual flurry, swarming his torso with her hands, feeling those abdominal muscles, not hesitating in the least to rub his hard cock from outside his pants, her face lighting up as she saw her brother thrust into her touch, his hormones overtaking his actions. “Yeah.stroke it baby…c’mon sis…oh god. Take them off.” She kneeled down, threw off his shoes and swiftly stripped off his shorts in one motion as that 6 inch tool sprung out to greet Lisa’s horny mouth.

She slammed her brother against the book shelf attached to the west wall, and started her cock sucking, forgoing the teasing licks and strokes and heading straight into deep throat mode, moaning loudly, with Bart thrusting with the same enthusiasm. “Fuck yeah, you like it Lis, you want my cum inside you already don’t you? Don’t you…my little slutty sister.” She took a quick breath as she looked up and smiled.

“More. Talk dirty to me Bart…I want you to go over the edge…you can tell me to do anything.” “Don’t stop Lis…my cum won’t come out on its own. Suck it! More!!” She obediently continued, and after a few minutes, he changed the pace to suit plan constructed entirely from his raging hormones. “Ah!! What now, Bart? You got something new planned?”  *smack* “.mm…I don’t know why Lis, but your tits are really turning me on today. Get on the desk.” Lisa held her breasts as she clambered up onto the wood desk, squeezing them. Protruding them as much as possible.

He pinned her down, without much sympathy for the hard surface, but any pain that might have been evoked was quickly overcome by the pleasure surging through Lisa’s irresistibly hot body as Bart suckled her tits ravenously, his focus purely on those two wet nipples, trying to suck her milk as she moaned, squirmed, clamped his face even further down onto them.

“Suck them….suck–ah!! Mmm!! Oh my G-…Bart!! Yes. Yes!!” His fingers parted her pussy lips after expertly maneuvering through her shorts, and he didn’t hold back, thrusting them up towards her belly, her snatch reflexively tightening over them, the honey almost gluing itself to his fingers, pouring out faster than Lisa ever thought possible.

Bart gently pulled up on one of Lisa’s hot tits, tongue locked around the nipple, then let go, spit and breast fluid spraying a bit as he released one of the breasts that everyone else in the school could only imagine seeing. Relenting a bit, he pulled off his sister’s shorts, but she cut the rest time short. Lisa took her brother’s hand and forced it into her pussy again, quickly deciding the pace (fast, hard, naughty) for him. Since Bart had been treated more than generously, he decided to let Lisa have this bit of control, especially when she eventually felt it necessary to pull her brother’s hand out of her and suck off her own juices from his fingers at several intervals during this assisted masturbation.

Pussy juice was beginning to pool on the desk top, mixed with the odd drop of pre cum and sperm as Lisa jerked Bart off, the young athlete leaning forward enough to make his cock available to her. They were subconsciously thankful that no one on the school staff was ambitious enough to stay after hours. The usual ghost-building that the school turned into after 3:00 had turned into a lively private porno-movie style set up with enough moaning and bodily fluids to be a hit even on the smut-dominated entity that was the internet.

One would think that after a half hour of sucking and fingering, moaning and screaming, a couple would have either gone over the edge or quit with fear of being discovered. But this couple was different. An older brother and younger sister, too young and rebellious to quit, regardless of the risk, and enjoying their developing bodies too much to have an early orgasm and limit the fun.
They shifted position, Bart lying down lengthwise on his deck, legs drooping down to the chair, while Lisa just had room to plant her legs on either side of her brother as she lowered her little tight snatch onto his throbbing cock, starting her hip grinding instantly.

“Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me…!” That pristine voice spoke in rhythm with her brother’s thrusts as it had many times before, with Bart’s shaft plunging into her insides. He couldn’t believe how lucky he was; how many guys got to have sex with their own sister, and of those that did, how many of their sister’s were as hot as his? He deduced that it wasn’t many. An added turn on was how far apart this steamy naughty girl was compared to her usual self.

With Lisa’s academic prowess and ambitious dreams, she could be mistaken for a college student, civilized, experienced, and role model for the youth. But Bart got to see Lisa’s other side; she was just a 13 year old, hot, wet, horny teenager, who loved to be played with, and was fascinated by her own tits and pussy. And while Bart always admired (however secretly) her gifts that the whole world would appreciate, he would never agree to that side of her as being the part he loved the most. ;)…

Bart’s cognition must be more advanced than even he thought; how could he have thought all of that through, while his name was being half moaned-half screamed by his little sexy sister, with her pair of hot flailing teenage tits gleefully taking up most of his field of vision, and her tight ass grinding against his hands as he supported her downwards hip thrusting onto his dick? It was time to act more like himself.

He helped his sister’s snatch off of his dick, and holding onto her slender hips, gradually slid her perky body along the desk. Sliding his hands to those beautiful legs, he gripped her, and lifted them around his neck as he sat in his own desk, further, further until her sopping pussy was an inch from his tongue.

“Mmm…do it…make me scream…?” Lisa’s voice sounded like a prostitute’s, but that just added to the mood. She gripped the desk and let her head fall back as Bart started eating her out, her hips bucking with every jolt of pleasure that coursed through her. Bart savored the taste, the ever-faster flowing stream of juices, lapping it up, enjoying the elongated and loudening screams of his sister as her body was used to perfection.

“Oh.Ah!!!! Oh GOD!! Bart I, I’m Cumming! AAAHHHH!!! MORE!! YESS! YES!!!!!” She squirted a jet of liquid, her pussy giving into the relentless sensations, her consciousness almost lost as her sexual energy release encompassed everything inside her at that moment. “Holy shit…oh fuck…that’s so god damn hot. I’m going to cum sis, stay where you are.” “I wouldn’t go anywhere even if you told me too. Not until I eat you’re cum…do it Bart, fill my mouth…!” Her mouth opened, ready to take the huge load Bart was ready to fire.

With her head hanging down from the end of the desk, she’d be taking it upside down, a thought that only thrilled her, spurring more of her honey outwards onto her brother’s work station. Bart lowered her legs onto his desk chair, then rushed to his sister, looking at her eyes, which were fixated on his cock, quivering, dripping pre cum, being jacked off by his own hand. Her tongue licked her lips, she moaned eagerly, wanting his flavor, her tits bounced as she played with her wet pointy nipples, and these stimuli were too much for Bart to resist.

“Oh fuck Lis…You want it baby?” He jacked off so close to her, she could smell his cum.
“Quit teasing me!! Do it! Cum on me…!” “LISA! UNGH!!” It only took a split second after she begged him for the humongous cum load to shoot out, a respectable amount of it landing square into Lisa’s mouth, stream after stream of teenage pleasure.

“Mmm!!! More…!” She coughed a bit, as her usual cum swallowing was a bit different with her head being upside down, but she knew her brother loved it when she ate as much as she could, and she quickly got a lot of it down, as the rest dribbled up her chin to her cheeks staining that angelic face with a slutty gloss. Her eyes half open, content with the hot taste, and her fingers now moving to her face, wiping up remaining pools of Bart’s sperm, to be inserted into her mouth, where she swallowed once more, and then displayed her tongue, cleansed of the fluid, to her brother, just to prove how dirty she really was. She held her tongue out, stretching it towards his cock. “Let me clean you…” she cut herself off, sucking off Bart’s cock as he moaned contentedly, relaxed.

Thanks but get yourself up out of that position that must be uncomfortable.” He gently helped her to her feet, and held her, his cock and her tits grazing each other’s bodies. “Having you shoot your load into me is the furthest thing from comfortable big brother.” She kissed him with those wet, cummy lips. “You’re so god damn dirty Lis…” A knowing smirk. “Thank you. I can‘t wait until your next crazy idea Bart…” Her eyes filled with rebellion.

The siblings admired each other’s nude teenage bodies a moment more, then finally, regretfully, retrieved their clothes, and fondled each other until they were once again within visibility of the public. He ejaculated. Cum jetted forth, the farthest flying drops hitting his round chin as his soft muscles quivered helplessly with the immense pleasure.

Most wait until the cum shot to release the build up. But it was the tit-sucking that did it for him. Seeing Bart Simpson gently release his sister’s right nipple, with all that wet sex juice spitting out, hearing her moan appreciatively, urging him on, the boy having his way with such a young girl….and his sister yet! Life just could not get any better for the two siblings.

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