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Simpsons Pornography Story: the simpsons generations

Simpsons Pornography Story: the simpsons generations


Homer leaned back further into
the sofa, a few more minutes and his favourite programme would be on.
Marge was in the kitchen reading her book, Lisa out for the day with
Maggie at Selma’s and Patty’s and bart was upstairs, he would be
calling him in a moment to watch it with him. As the programme he was
currently watching drew to a close, he pulled himself up and rolled
his legs from the sofa not once moving his eyes until the credits began.
Just as he was about to stand Bart came into the room, hi there Bart
I was just coming for you, our shows about to come on, you ready.

looked at his father and said oh, er, no I er, am not going to watch
it today I er am doing other things, Homer frowned, other things he
thought, he lay back into the sofa as bart moved passed him shiftily,
ok homer said smiling no worries. Bart disappeared into the kitchen.
Homer had noticed the prominent bulge in his sons trousers as he awkwardly
passed him, but he never let on he had seen anything, his heart raced.
He knew what bart was going to be up to and this started his own movements
in his trousers, he twitched and shook in the sofa in anticipation.
Homer listened carefully, and though he couldn’t make out the words
he heard mutterings in the kitchen, he grinned, two minutes, that’s
how long homer would give Marge before he knew she would come in the
front room. He was right.

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